Regular Mass Schedule

Sunday: 11:00 am

Wednesday:  12:00pm (Noon)

First Friday of the Month:  12:00pm (Noon)

Confession: 30 min. before each Mass


About St. Andrew Parish-Mission

St. Andrew’s Catholic Church. 1486 Highway 62 W, Yellville, AR 72687.

Located in the hill country of Yellville, Arkansas, St. Andrew’s Parish-Mission opened its doors for its enthusiastic local Catholic community in August of 1984. The mission was named “St. Andrew’s,” who is the patron of then-Bishop Andrew McDonald as well as the cathedral for which he resided over.

The process for developing a new mission in Yellville began in 1980, when the developing needs for the Catholic community of Yellville was brought to Bishop Andrew McDonald’s attention. Five faithful Catholic men – Bill Miller, C.L. Eubanks, John Finn, Tom Stanton, and Les Benton – first contacted Monsignor Gerald Deere about saying Mass for the Catholic community in Yellville. Bishop McDonald granted Msgr. Deere the honor of saying Mass for the devoted community.

Masses for the Catholic Community of Yellville were first said in members’ houses and nursery homes and weekend Masses were celebrated at Yellville’s Presbyterian Church. The Diocese of Little Rock made arrangements to rent out the Presbyterian Church for Mass to be said at 2pm on Sundays.

By July of 1981, Father Jon McDougal of Mountain Home was formerly assigned the task of celebrating Mass and attending to the needs of Yellville’s Catholic community. The task of keeping organized with the new community that did not have their own facilities was becoming increasingly difficult. This was true, not only for Fr. McDougal, but also, the faithful who volunteered to assemble and disassemble the Altar and necessary design for celebrating Mass during the changing liturgical seasons.

Corroboration for the development of a mission parish was soon undertaken by the Catholic clergy residing in the area at the time and the Diocese of Little Rock. Bishop McDonald commissioned Fr. Richard Oswald and Sister Consuella Bauer to work with both Monsignor Rainer J. DeClerk of Mountain Home and Monsignor Adam A. Micek of Harrison.

The clergy began strengthening the Catholic Community of Yellville. In addition to gathering Catholics in the area in order to increase the numbers of the community, arrangements for official youth religious instruction were made.

In February of 1982, Bishop McDonald celebrated Mass in Yellville for the first time. This signaled a turning point for the Yellville community. And in September of 1983, the Diocese of Little Rock officially purchased the grounds where St. Andrew’s Mission Church was to be built.

After the dedication of Saint Andrew’s in 1984, the new parish community began growing under the direction of its new pastor, Father Raymond R. Rossi. C.C.D. and C.Y.O. were offered for the youth of the parish and the Council of Catholic Women (Altar and Rosary) grew.

St. Andrew’s Parish is formally a mission of Mary Mother of God Parish in Harrison. While the building the St. Andrew’s was taking place, plans were being implemented for a new church to accommodate Harrison’s growing Catholic parish. The new parish was called “Mater Dei” and was formally changed to “Mary Mother of God” in 1994.